Steps to be taken by the applicant
Register an email address for each evaluator in the appropriate row.
A link to access the Online Applicant System will be sent to the email address rigistered above for each evaluator.
Steps to be taken by the evaluator
Access the exclusive URL for an evaluation request and follow the instructions on the screen to register evaluator information and password, etc., and login to the "Applicant Evaluation" page.
Write an evaluation of the applicant.
Evaluation criteria can be found here
After you have finalized the contents of the evaluation, click “Confirm and Close.” You will no longer be able to modify the evaluation after clicking “Confirm and Close.” If you would like to save your progress and modify it at a later date, click “Save and Close.” Clicking “Save and Close” does not finalize the submission so be sure to click “Confirm and Close” later. If you want to close without saving, click “Close.”
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